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Would you like to review Blazing Service up close? We are happy to arrange arrange an electronic preview of any two Blazing Service modules you request. Learn more about each Blazing Service module. Just complete the Preview Materials Request form and we will email you a link to download an electronic preview of these materials.

The Electronic Preview will consist of the following materials:

  • Facilitator's Guide for the module (an excerpt of approximately 10 - 12 pages from the facilitator's guide)
  • The complete Participant Workbook for the module
  • Facilitator's PowerPoint slides for the module

These preview materials do not include access to the web-based reinforcement tools (Blazing Service At Work™, Blazing Coach™) nor web-based measurement and tracking tool (Blazing Administrator™) for this program. For more information about this program or for a web demonstration of the online reinforcement and measurement tools, email, call toll-free 877-517-2018 or complete the Preview Materials Request form.

Select the modules you would like to preview from the list of Blazing Service modules. You must complete the Preview Materials Request from in its entirety and check "I accept" to the agreement of limited use provision in order for your request to be processed.

Our Underlying Philosophy
In developing Blazing Service, our approach to training maximizes learning and retention by:
  • Engaging people mentally, visually, kinesthetically, and emotionally
  • Making learning fun
  • Combining e-learning with classroom learning
  • Helping learners interact with their peers
  • Increasing knowledge retention by planned follow-up activities
  • Using tightly focused, short sessions
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About Blazing Service™

Our Mission
At NetSpeed Leadership®, we help organizations achieve results by developing their employee and leadership talent. We do this by providing dynamic, cutting-edge learning tools and the expertise to implement them. Blazing Service, our latest program offering, helps customer service providers support their organization’s business objectives by developing their ability to provide superior customer service.

The company is an approved GSA Vendor on the Federal Supply Schedule for Training and Management Consulting Services.

Clay & Associates and NetSpeed Leadership serve customers throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. To read some testimonials from NetSpeed Leadership customers, click here.

What is Blazing Service?
Blazing Service is a dynamic, interactive training program designed to ignite great customer service in your organization. Combining the best of classroom instruction with easy-to-use web-based reinforcement tools, Blazing Service inspires in your customer service team both the personal qualities and the practical skills that make exceptional customer service providers. The bottom line? More satisfied, loyal, and committed customers, which is key to your business’s continued growth. The complete program consists of 6 two-hour modules, for maximum delivery flexibility, followed by powerful, easy-to-use online reinforcement tools.

Why Blazing Service?
We understand the critical role that first level service providers play in an organization’s bottom line success. We realized that the same systems and tools that make NetSpeed Leadership so powerful were also a great solution for training customer service providers. Blazing Service dramatically improves customer service skills and service effectiveness—with both internal and external customers.

Who Needs Blazing Service?
Any organization with employees who provide customer service: bank tellers, customer service representatives, telephone call center representatives, cashiers, retail sales associates—anyone who delivers a product or service involving customer contact.

Blazing Service Modules (each module two hours)
Part I
Module 1: Blazing the Service Path
Module 2: Thinking Like Your Customer
Module 3: Winning Customer Hearts and Minds
Part II
Module 4 : Solving Customer Problems
Module 5 : Handling the Heat
Module 6 : Fixing the Systems

Click here to learn more about each Blazing Service module.

Classroom instruction: Like NetSpeed Leadership, each Blazing Service module begins with face-to-face group instruction facilitated by a certified trainer. You may choose to have one of your trainers certified in Blazing Service facilitation or you may use one of our certified trainers. Employing a stylish and powerfully-designed electronic presentation, participant workbook, and detailed facilitator guide, the Blazing Service trainer guides participants through fun experiential exercises, insightful small group discussion, skills practice sessions, and practical application. Participants return to their jobs with relevant tools and action plans to apply them.

Electronic reinforcement: Shortly after the completion of the classroom workshops for Blazing Service Part I and II, participants access an engaging easy-to-read electronic magazine that includes a case study, role model interview, to-do list, and other features crafted to reinforce the face-to-face training.

Web-based tools: Participants then complete Blazing Coach™ to demonstrate their knowledge of the material and their ability to apply that knowledge to real-life customer service situations. Also available to participants is Blazing Service At Work™, a performance support tool to construct detailed action plans based directly on learning principles covered in their classroom experience.

Tracking and measurement: Training Managers can track the usage of the online reinforcement tools, review participant scores, and easily measure the impact of the training using the web-based Blazing Service Administrator™.

Two Implementation Options
Onsite Workshops: A certified Blazing Service facilitator can deliver the Blazing Service program in a two-day workshop format at your facilities, or deliver each module one at a time over the course of several days or weeks, on a time-table that meets your needs. 

Program Library: Certify your own internal trainer(s) to deliver the complete program.

Core Learning Principles
For Engagement
  • Be practical and relevant
  • Draw out personal and professional experiences
  • Include stimulating, interactive exercises
  • Ensure content applies to immediate, real-life situations
For Retention
  • Include time for practice and application
  • Solve on-the-job problems in class
  • Reinforce with post-class reading, coaching, and application
  • Use action plans and follow-up mechanisms